Here’s what people are saying about us…

Wow, Doug, that last one (video production) was especially beautiful with that reflection of the sky on the water and those slow motion waves – that was dropdead gorgeous… These are all just spectacular and so much better than anything else that’s ever been done. Can’t say thanks enough I’m actually stunned, so is Julie.
-Virgil T., Franklin, TN

Thank you so much from all of us at Candy Productions (Candy Coburn) for your reliable, prompt, and VERY PATIENT service once again, Doug!
-Magda R., Springfield, MO

Professionalism, Integrity and Great Service at Diamondisc Audio! These songs were so important to me and Doug treated them and me with great respect, open ears and I couldn’t be happier with his finished product. If you’re looking, stop now and choose Doug & Diamondisc Audio!
-John A., Paris, France

Hi Doug, Thank you for the amazing job you did on Adrienne’s debut single “Can’t Resist (Pretty Bass Boy)” – it literally blew us away! The song sounds so tight and sparkly and we can’t wait to release it. Thanks for the great service and quick turn around. Looking forward to working with you again soon! Cheers,
-Yaz C., London, England

-Joseph T., Addison, TX

Hi Doug, Thank you for your amazing and fast work on my songs!! I listened to them several times on different audio systems and I’m more than happy. You made them bright sparkling diamonds! Thanks again!!
-Sonja P., Austria

Doug, homie I appreciate all the help on mastering over the past few months you have provided. The tracks sound greater than ever as always, more tracks coming soon!
-Dat Bwoy Fedi, Lawrenceville, GA

Hi Doug: WOW, we are absolutely, greatly impressed with the job you did on the (less than mediocre) mix we sent you recently! You really made the mix come to life and did the absolute best ANYONE could have done with what we gave you to work with! Boy, IT SOUNDS LIKE A REAL SONG NOW, WOO-HOO!!! Thank you so much for your hard work and undying effort on this project (Lord knows, it needed it). It TRULY Sounds Amazing now and we are WAY more than pleased! We look forward to having you master our future projects! You are “the MAN”!!!
-Edward B., Parkland, FL

Hi Doug! I received the file and downloaded it, and I must say you did a really GREAT job!!! I am very much looking forward to completing my demo CD and having it mastered by you as well. I will definitely be contacting you when that time comes, but I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the way the track turned out! Thanks again for your hard work and time. Look forward to working with you again in a few weeks. Thanks!
-Joel S., Glen Burnie, MD

Hey Doug, we have received all the 6 boxes of albums (Replicated CDs). They look wonderful and sound amazing. I want to personally thank you for all of your time and effort on this album process from start to finish (Mixing & Mastering both). We are so thankful that we found such a great production company such as yours as well as hooking us up with your plant to get the CDs made in such a timely fashion. We look forward to doing our next album with you and having another great success like this one. Thank you so much.
-Pat M./Scott M., Cicero, NY

Oh my goodness, Doug! I think you are a miracle worker! Thank you so much. You have a new found fan for life! I am about to post this newly mastered song on all of my sites, giving you credit for the great work youve done. I am very, very pleased with the end result. Thank you so much, Doug. Sincerely,
-Annice G., Panorama City, CA

I think you’re awesome. Thank you, Doug. They (the two songs) sound even better than I’d expected. You will definitely have my business next time I make demos. Thank you for being timely, flexible, and highly professional. Thanks again,
-Renee D., San Diego, CA

Doug, This sounds incredible. You balanced the kick and low-end so flipping well – I love this. And the turnaround time was ridiculous. Thanks again. We’ll be back soon…!
-Nathan D., Mableton, GA

Hi Doug, Thanks for bringing out the sound we knew (hoped) was in our mix. I can’t tell you how happy this makes us. The strain of trying to get the sound right (hours and hours and hours); now we can put that time into making music knowing we have Diamondisc Audio to polish up the recordings.
-Tad B., Gig Harbor, WA

Could not be happier Doug! This is an exciting day for me! Listening through and it all sounds super great!!! I am so pleased & stoked, thank you SO VERY much for such quick excellent work!!
-Tonia S., Nashville, TN

GREAT, AWESOME!! Have I told you lately that you are an AMAZING Webmaster!! (www.vocalchordsbynedia.com) I truly love working with you because you treat me like a STAR even though I am just an Indie!!!
-Nedia K., Huntsville, AL

Love it. Absolutely. And I will recommend you to every music friend I have. You’ve been great and I really love the product – so warm and sounds like I did it in a million dollar studio rather than the living room of our rented house! Thank you again!
-Emma W., Orlando, FL

Doug, you are absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job for my music once again!
-Ronald B., Gainesville, FL

I love the mix! It’s like hearing a new song. I guess that’s the element I’ve been missing during my 10+ years of producing music. I will have new projects that will need your services coming real soon, thanks a million!
-Jerod H., Miami, FL

Doug, one word…. WOW! You made the mix come to life! Thank you so much for your work and effort on this project. Sounds Amazing! I will definitely use you again for my future projects! You rock!!
-Brandon P., Highspire, PA

Doug, Great work as usual! The songs sound terrific! More alive and clean, thanks so much!
-Greg M., Northville, MI

Hi Doug, This really sounds perfect. Smooth and crispy, real great work man. Thanks for the fast delivery, looking forward to working with you more. Kind regards,
-Ville-Aleksi T., Finland

Hello Doug, Just wanted to let you know that you did an EXCELLENT job with my project! For sure I will use your services again in the near future!
-Tomi K., Chula Vista, CA

Doug, hey man… you are the hero of the hour! Sounds great! Thanks!
-John S., Nashville, TN

Just heard the CD and you did an Awesome job! Thanks again.
-Nilo G., Randolph, NJ

The song that you mastered for me sounds fantastic!
-Dan J., Myrtle Beach, SC

Doug, on behalf of Renaissance Movement Music, Michael Bell (John Doe) and myself I wanted to express our appreciation to you for mastering John Doe’s first EP release “V.I.C.” (Victorious in Christ). We appreciate the hard work you put into it and can tell the difference. God bless you Doug and I pray that the Lord will bless you mightily in all you do.
-Nigel A., Norfolk, VA

Let me just say you are the best, man. That thing (a single song mastered in Package ‘D’) sounds so great! I love your work and I am definitely using you guys for my album.
-Evans M., Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Doug, I got the master yesterday and I loved the added punch and depth the recordings have. Thank you so much! What impressed me just as much as the quality of the mastering was the quality of your customer service; your responsiveness was amazing and should be a model for other businesses I deal with. Thanks,
-Joel M., Alpharetta, GA

I LOVE THE SITE (whitwindham.com) …I just adore it. It’s perfect and THANK YOU SO MUCH!
-Whitney W., Abilene, TX

I got the disc back today and it sounds perfect! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope you enjoyed working on it as much as I have enjoyed making it – and now listening to it. It sounds so fresh and crisp and clear and good to me. You’ve made it sound brand new to me (and I’ve heard these songs a lot), so job well done. Thanks again and God bless,
-Michael S., Decatur, GA

I have to thank you soooo much for the beautiful job you did with this (their 5-song CD). I wasn’t even hoping for such a great sound, considering the quality of the DAT tape we sent to you. This was the last project we had to finish up with our “dying” old ADAT equipment. We knew we were working under those handicaps, but the songs are timely, and personal to us. We really wanted to release them anyway. You’ve enhanced the quality of our CD in a huge way! It is so appreciated.
-Dolores P., Brockton, MA

[We received this nice, hand-written note from this client] Dear Doug, my husband and I have listened to the CD Master of “Free Indeed” at least a dozen times and we want to thank you for doing a wonderful job on all 17 songs. You “fixed” everything we requested and it sounds REALLY, REALLY nice. Thank you again and may God richly bless you!
-Kathy S., Baltic, OH

I am very happy with the mastering work on my single! Thanks so much, and I will definitely be using you again in the near future!
-Cameron M., Kernersville, NC

Thanks so much, our CDRs really look great! You really helped us out a TON! Cheers,
-Leslie E., Nashville, TN

Ok, I’ve listened to the demo on several stereos and am extremely pleased with the results for what I gave you! Thank you again for your help, and fast turn around! I’ll look to go with you again with future projects. Thanks!
-Jimmie S., Levittown, PA

Hi Doug, What can I say? This is completely AWESOME!!! The project sounds professional, and that is what I was aiming for, a professional project that could reproduced over and over. I am MORE than satisfied with your expertise during the entire phase of this project. I look forward to receiving the master CD so that we can start replication. Thanks Again!!!
-Eric M., Darby, PA

Thanks for the great (stereo) mixing work. I will definitely be using you for all my future projects. All the Best,
-Andrew B., Palm Springs, CA

Doug, I received the mastered music from you, and I’ve been listening to it for a couple of days now. I love it! You’ll be hearing from us for our next project. Thanks again for the top-notch service and the silken sounds. Have a great weekend! You deserve it!
-Nathan D., Mableton, GA

Doug, I received my masters yesterday. The master is awesome!!! What a difference you made to my project. I’m glad I spent the extra money to have Package ‘D’. The CD was very balanced, and you even fixed my sax on a couple of spots where I did some overdubs and couldn’t get them to match is sound and quality. Amazing!!! Thank you thank you thank you. I won’t use anyone else for my mastering. Thanks again!
-Nate W., Brookeville, MD

Diamondisc Audio has fast service, professional results, incredibly reasonable prices, and believe in total customer satisfaction. He took our album of “Soul Punk Swing” music (complete with horns, strings, backing vocals, organs and distorted guitars) and truly made it shine as a warm, solid, cohesive unit. Your project is in good hands with Diamondisc Audio!
-Steve M., Los Angeles, CA

Doug!!! You are the “Freakin’ Man!!!” Thanx Bro!!! I’ll have 3 more songs in about week! Again Many Thanx! I can always count on You to bring our Music to Life!!! You did the Doug D and Made it Smoove! lol!
-Joseph T., Dallas, TX

Hi Doug, just wanted to drop a quick line to thank you for the excellent job you did on our disc (“Snoring With An Accent”). The whole thing just sounds fantastic! We’re grateful for all your efforts, thanks again!
-Dan M., Princeton, IL

It was my first business, my first CD, and my first website. Lo and behold, during my “Google search” for a website building and a CD mastering company, my first selection was Diamondisc Audio and they did both. I think God directed me to select their website out of all the others because since then, I have found no reason to check any other. Doug Diamond has done an impeccable job on both building my website and mastering my CD. I haven’t found a person in my lifetime that is easier to work with. In addition, his vast experience in the music business guided me all during the process. Thank you, Doug.
-Lloyd S., Miami, FL

Doug, I just received the master CD. All I can say is wow. You did an excellent job. I cannot wait to get these pressed and ready to go for our church. This was my first experience with mastering and I was very impressed. Thank you for the hard work and time you put into this project. I will definitely recommend you to my other worship pastor friends in the future. Again, thanks. Your mastering of our CD has made a huge difference in the sound quality. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Sincerely,
-Scott N., Corpus Christi, TX

Thank you so much for that one man! You are truly ~the~ best!!!! …and for those affordable prices, I will go nowhere else for mastering – I am your official regular now!!!! 🙂
-Greg W., Evans Mills, NY

Hey Doug, we love the job you did with our recording. Initially I thought to write to y’all to give you some direction regarding what kind of sound we were going for. I am glad I decided not to contaminate your people with my prejudices about the recording. What you’ve come up with is superb! We have never had any of our work mastered before. I am glad we decided to! Thanks Again! Excellent Work,
-Alex S., Bloomington, IL

Hi Doug, I got the (Package D) CD Master on Saturday. I worked pretty late that night, so I didn’t really get a chance to listen to it then. However, I did get to listen to it on Sunday. It sounded amazing. So, I calmed myself down, ’cause hey, maybe I’m still tired from work. So, I listened again on Monday, and Tuesday, and yesterday and today. And nothing changed. It still sounds AMAZING. Just writing to say thanks for the great work you did on my first project. You will definitely be getting all my mastering business. Thanks again.
-Tyrone M., Detroit, MI

Doug, I wanted to take the time to write you and thank you for the wonderful job you did on mastering our record. We were in a time crunch and were getting very worried about getting our project done on time. You really came through for us to make that happen. Thanks again for everything. We look forward to working with you again in the future.
-Josh W., Largo, FL

Dear Doug, I wanted to let you know that, since this was my first experience with having my songs professionally mastered, I simultaneously submitted my songs to 2 other mastering facilities in addition to yours as a point of comparison for future work. Despite the fact that your services (Package D) cost much less than theirs (1/2 the price), the work you did was far superior in sound quality. Your mastering work produced clear, distinct songs which were loud enough for public consumption and a great sonic improvement over the original mixes. The tracks I got back from both of the other companies were overly compressed to the point of distortion, and washed down in reverb to cover up their carelessness. It sounds like they didn’t even actually listen to the songs before sending them back to me. I also appreciate that I could submit everything online and the turnaround time was very fast. I will definitely choose your company for future services. Thanks again,
-Mike M., Cambridge, MA

Doug… Thanks a bunch for your hard work. Our CD sounds 1,000 times better! It’s hard to believe you could take something so lo-fi and make it sound so great… considering they also came from 6 different sources. You made them seamless. We will be back!!!!
-Robert S., Santa Monica, CA

Hey Doug, I have been enjoying the mastering job you did on my songs. It sounds so great! That baby is smoking, and I am thrilled that I will have a good product for my fans. Thanks for turning the job around so quickly, and for doing an absolutely awesome job!
-Robbie Q., Rutledge, GA

Doug, The CD sounds amazing! Thank you so much for mastering our CD. The whole band sends it’s thanks and we all look forward to working with you again in the future!
-Justin M., Newburgh, NY

Doug, Once again, you’ve done a FINE job Mastering and Duplicating our CD! We are extremely pleased with the way it turned out! Your courtesy, communication and promptness to all our questions and worries, is greatly appreciated! Your ears are remarkable (you should have them insured) and your attention to detail is impeccable! Rest assured, you will have our business again! Many Thanks,
-Steve O., Nashville, TN

Hey Doug, the mastered CD came in this weekend and it sounds GREAT! What you did to the drums sounds amazing–exactly what we wanted. There really is so much depth and richness now on the recording. We’re super excited to get this thing duplicated and packaged… Thanks again for all your help. You definitely offer one of the best mastering packages I’ve come across (Package D), and your turnaround is head-spinningly fast. We’ll be back! Thanks,
-Travis C., New York, NY

Great job on the CD! You exceeded my expectation in your audio work and services. The members in the group are planning to use you for their own solo projects. You also gained a repeat customer as well with the next project that I plan to do. You have placed two words: ‘affordability’ and ‘quality’, into the same realm with your mastering services at Diamondisc Audio. Thanks!
-Bob S., Little Chute, WI

-Blair B., Nashville, TN

The mastering came out great and I definitely look forward to working with you again in the near future. It is really nice to have an affordable service out there that can make my artists sound like a million bucks. Thanks again!
-Daniel W., Sacramento, CA

I received the cd yesterday and have listened to it. It sounds very good. Thanks for the good service.
-Franco B., Centralia, WA

A while ago you mastered my CD compilation – thanks, it sounds great. [Here’s some reviews that the CD received]:
“The mastering on this compilation is exceptionally good, unlike most small label, low budget releases. ” -Reviewed by: The Punk Page
“Major kudos on the good mastering (translation: the songs on here do not sound like they were recorded in a toilet!). ” -Reviewed By: PastePunk.com
“The artwork is beautiful, and it is well mastered (always a problem for compilations).” -Reviewed By: Anti-Punk.com
-James P., Parsippany, NJ

Thanks Doug for your help and communication. Your service has been very “user friendly.”
-Tim M., Brookville, OH

Hey Doug, got the master yesterday – everything’s wonderful, as usual. Thanks so much!
-Jason H., Athens, GA

Thanks again, Doug! The CD sounds the best I have ever heard!! I was worried that it might sound “colorless” and “flat” since it was made from a cassette from 1982. You definitely have my business!!
-Craig L., Minneapolis, MN

Thanks Doug. I appreciate your prompt and professional service.
-Jerry S., Sugarcreek, OH

Nice job man! I really like what you did. Especially with the 2nd song. I really can’t tell you how happy I am with the outcome. Consider yourself my “go to” guy for mastering my projects.
-Blake G., Arlington, VA

Hi Doug. I’m VERY happy with your work. There’s more punch and warmth than I was expecting to get with your basic package (Package A). It’s really nice. It improved the vocal and the drums in particular. Regards,
-Larry M., San Antonio, TX

Doug, the CD sounds incredible! It is exactly what I was wanting and more. The overall volume, richness, and depth is unmatched. I compared it with some of my other CDs and it actually sounds better than all of them. I am completely satisfied and would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again for the excellent work and I look forward to working with you again!
-Gabe W., Montgomery, AL

Hi Doug, thank you for your attentiveness and professionalism towards our job. I’ll look forward to receiving the CD. I’m sure it’ll sound great. We’ll recommend you to all our friends. Thanks again,
-Cliff Q., Los Angeles, CA

Hey Doug, it’s great! (mastering on single) Subtle, but impactful. I was having difficulty controlling the bass in the acoustic guitar without losing it, and it sounds like you tamed it nicely. Thanks again!
-Greg M., Livonia, MI

Hey Doug, Thanks for doing the mastering. I’m really pleased with it!
-Jan M., Nashville, TN

Hey Doug! After listening to the master you did of my album for the past week, I can tell you I’m very, very pleased with how it turned out! …Wow!… You did exactly what needed to be done. I’ve listened to it on several systems and it sounds great on all of them. Thanks again,
-Travis H., Nashville, TN

Hi, Yep, that sounds great – loud and crisp, great job. Cheers,
-James D., Portsmouth, U.K.

I got my master today and it came out sounding fantastic. Thank You once again for all the help. I hope to do business with you again in the future.
-Adam M., Boise, ID

Quotes from a few clients…

Hi Doug,I had my client over to my office and we listened to the songs you mastered for us via your FTP site, because I couldn’t wait to see how he would react upon hearing the mastering. He was speechless! He couldn’t believe how great it sounded. He simply sat there and took it all in and had a huge smile on his face!As the owner of an independent label, I wanted my first project on my label to sound incredible and with your help and guidance, I believe we’ve met that challenge.I look forward to working with Doug on a bunch of different styles and sounds that I would like to release under the Pixel-8 Entertainment banner, and if this first project is any indication of our working relationship, I can’t wait to see what the future holds…
Shane David Tyler, President
Pixel-8 Entertainment
Carmel, CA

“Diamondisc Audio has done mastering & editing for our company, Music Services Unlimited, for years. Doug [mastering engineer] has consistently provided me with quality CD-R masters from a plethora of different sources with different editing and leveling responsibilities. Since every job is different, I have been personally impressed with his turnaround time and attention to detail. We will be a customer for a long time!”
-Lisa Sutton, President, Music Services Unlimited
“Diamondisc Audio has made over 4,000 CD transfers for our company. We are completely satisfied with this product.”
-Bill Harris, Studio & Tape Room Eng., Acuff-Rose Music Publishing

“There is absolutely no better sound than a Diamondisc fully mastered 32-bit source for CD replication!!”
-Disc Manufacturing

“Diamondisc Audio offers fast, dependable and professional results at rates that anyone can afford. In working with Doug [mastering engineer], I’ve appreciated his willingness to adapt to a client’s wishes and his experienced, accurate ear.”
-Scott Brookman, independent artist

“Doug Diamond and Diamondisc Audio consistently deliver outstanding quality of sound with exceptional service. Doug’s work on ‘The Western Beat Roots Revival’ radio broadcasts set a high standard for “Live” concert mastering.”
-Billy Block, Producer/Host “Western Beat Radio”

“Diamondisc Audio provides professional-quality mastering services and super-quick turnaround time. I’d highly recommend them to anyone.”
-Ed James, independent artist

“Diamondisc Audio has provided mastering services for my needs for the past 4 years. When I have needed CD masters, their turn-around time was quick, their product was excellent, and their prices were fair and reasonable. I wholeheartedly recommend them to you for your CD mastering needs.”
-Dennis Worley, Minister of Worship, Brentwood Baptist Church, Brentwood, TN

“Doug, just wanted to let you know that the Benny Berry project sounds great. Thanks for the TLC. Great Website. Very informative. I like the MP3 Disc Image feature. Neat idea. Thanks again.”
-Don King, DKMG/Acoustic Revival Records

“Most of the time when I need a mastering or a reproduction service, it’s all about time and quality. The thing I love about Diamondisc Audio is when I need CDRs quick with quality, it’s there right on time and sounding right on”
-Rendy Lovelady, Manager, jars of clay & Little Big Town

Knowledgeable & Experienced in ALL types of music:

Contemporary Christian
Alternative Country
Roots Music
New Age
Big Band
Native American
Solo Piano
Spoken Word
Radio Spots/Shows
Voice Overs

…and just about everything else!