Why I left The Recording Academy in 2020

Why I left The Recording Academy in 2020

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To: The Recording Academy <membership@grammy.com>

Honestly Recording Academy, I would renew my membership, however I personally have a real problem with some of the organizations and causes you-all support, and I don’t want my membership dues to go to supporting those leftist causes and agendas whose purpose it is to wipe out America as we know it, wipe out “white people” in general, only support “acceptable” groups, erase history, fund a Soros-led Communist Takeover of the U.S., and to remove God and Jesus Christ from all institutions, and from the hearts and minds of the people — which will lead to the utter destruction of everything I personally hold up as righteous and true, and ultimately lead to judgment from Almighty God.

In fact, in the world the Recording Academy is helping to build, if God doesn’t judge it even harsher than Sodom and Gomorrah was judged, He would owe them an apology. Because the world you-all support is far worse.

What the Recording Academy stands for is no longer music. It is now a political movement that I want NO PART of. I cannot and will not support it. Period.

Goodbye “Academy”. You can keep your politics, Communist underpinnings, and hostility towards God.

And I will keep my membership dues.


Doug Diamond, 8/14/20